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The bank for mid-sized firms

With roots in the Alpine regions. Networked in four countries. Familiar with the topical diversity of mid-sized firms.

Together, we can think ahead for your business

Entrepreneurship means making decisions and seizing opportunities. Each and every day. With our local competence centres, decades of experience, and a feeling for the needs of mid-sized firms, we give you the support you need to do this. Together, we’ll create the freedom with which you can make your business objectives a sustainable reality.

Since our founding in 1904, we’ve supported mid-sized firms from industry and commerce, the tourism and leisure sectors, and project developers of residential properties in urban spaces.

  • Our motivation: Create. Values. Sustainably.
  • Our focus: you and your company
  • Our goal: helping ideas take off

BTV market area: facts and figures

  • 1904
    Since 1904 the BTV is working for entrepreneurs in the region.
  • +62 %
    Munich ist the city with the highest purchase price for condominiums in Germany. Between 2016 and 2021, it increases by +62 % to 11.006 EUR/m².
  • Who do we serve?
    The BTV supports around 6,700 mid-sized firms in the BTV market area.
  • 77 %
    attains the export quota in Vorarlberg and, therefore, achieves the highest value in our transnational region.
  • 370,6 m.
    overnight stays are counted in the BTV Land in a good year for tourism.
  • Top 3 in the world
    Germany, Austria, and Switzerland have the highest number of ‚hidden champions‘ per one million residents.

Our strengths and our uniqueness

Entrepreneurial expertise, sense of responsibility, trustworthiness: As a sparring partner, we have the courage of our convictions and stand by our agreements even during challenging times.Entrepreneurial expertise, sense of responsibility, trustworthiness: As a sparring partner, we have the courage of our convictions and stand by our agreements even during challenging times.

  • Independence

    Short decision-making processes give you a critical advantage.

  • Decades of experience

    We’ve been supporting mid-sized firms since our founding in 1904.

  • Support at the highest level

    The BTV support team, with understanding for your business model and vision.

  • Industry expertise

    Benefit from our know-how in industry, tourism, and real estate development.

  • Regional across borders

    A personal advisor for four countries – it makes things so much easier.

  • Digital solutions and services

    Design your daily financial operations independently and efficiently – even across borders.

  • Refreshingly conservative

    Traditional values yet curious about the future – that’s what sets us apart.

  • Courage to voice our opinion

    We take a clear position on the diverse topics of mid-sized firms.

View on a landscape showing grasslands and a street leading to four directions, a tree stands in the middle of the landscape

Four countries – one bank

The market area of the BTV VIER LÄNDER BANK extends from Tyrol, Vorarlberg, and Vienna through southern Germany and German-speaking Switzerland to South Tyrol. With competence drawn from the region, great expertise, and openness toward the diverse topics of mid-sized firms, we operate where we live and work – in an economic region full of opportunities and possibilities.

We provide answers to the needs of mid-sized industrial firms

The BTV, with its unique business model in four countries, stands for:

  • Continuity and reliability in corporate governance
  • Clear strategic alignment with mid-sized firms
  • Comprehensive expertise in the construction, mechanical engineering, and automotive sectors
  • Assumption of responsibility in the regions in which we live, work, and do business

How we operate and think ahead in the tourism industry

We provide answers to the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s tourism professionals.

  • Tourism experience since 1904
  • Sparring partner with tourism expertise and understanding of business models
  • Long-standing partnerships with top tourism companies
  • Networked with the best minds so we can stand by your side in giving advice on all corporate areas
  • BTV knowledge platform for tourism and its trends
  • Needs of tourism professionals in focus: The BTV joins customers in developing solutions that are relevant for the tourism industry

A strong foundation for your projects

As a project engineer, you have financing needs that are individual and unique. Our specialists not only know real estate financing, but also the economic and legal environment that’s decisive for the success of your project.

We finance residential properties in the metropolitan areas of Vienna, Munich, Stuttgart, Tyrol, and Vorarlberg and support your project development across national borders while remaining a regional single source.

We’re in a position to implement ambitious, large-volume projects in a viable way. For large financing projects, we bring in additional banks through our network.
In all, the BTV can look back on over 100 years of experience as financiers and property developers. This expertise ensures the highest degree of professionalism for financing your real estate project and monitoring it efficiently and flexibly.

Our solutions for entrepreneurs

We remain true to simple rules: regional proximity to the companies and individual services customised to your needs in the region of the BTV Land.